Letter to the Editor: Wake Up, Perry County


Dear Editor,
Not that long ago, one of the frequent writers to appear on this page wrote extolling the virtues of the Republican Party (the GOP). He went on about how this party had served this county so well for many decades, dropping names along the way.
The GOP did serve Perry County well during my lifetime. I held to the Republican, conservative values and usually voted for a Republican in National and State elections.
Then a new era of the GOP arrived. It began in 2016. Yes, I voted for Trump. Though I didn’t care for his personality and his reputation, he was the lesser of two (2) evils.
In 2020, the choice was between evil and harmless. I chose harmless. You may have to clean up after a snail, but a spider destroys anything caught in its web.
Put another way:
If what you had has gone to rot > The GOP

And a fly is all you’ve got, > a mild-mannered president
When you’re barely squeaking by > the Party needs a makeover
Don’t let the spider get your fly. > Spider played by former PresidentDonald Trump
I’m not a liberal, but I’m not feelin’ what he’s dealin’. Remember “Joe the Plumber”? What’s he done for him? He’s playing you. Don’t get caught in his web. You are too good and too smart for that.
Troy J. Kiefer
205 Newstead
Perryville, MO 63775


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