Letter to Editor: Farming


Dear Editor
Perry County’s abundant Farming community needs our support!
Farming at it’s core is a small business for the Mom and Pop who run the family farm!
Soybeans, Corn and Cattle dot our County from end to end, from the fertile River and Creek valleys to the Rocky hillside Hollers that dot our beautiful landscape.
Missy and I are blessed with a small plot of 30 acres in the Saline Creek Valley rotating Soybeans and Corn on our land praying each year that God Blesses the crop!
Full time Farmers struggle to afford and try mightily to find reasonable Health Insurance for their Families,

Injury and accidents are very possible in the Farming environment making it crucial for farm Families to have access to adequate reasonable health plans as small business owners.
Rural life is very rewarding, because we provide for ourselves and our community but it can be difficult as well because when we are left to fend for ourselves ,but if you are sick or injured it becomes very burdensome to keep the farm operation at full capacity!
Remember! Support your Farming community they need your encouragement!
God bless and
With All Respect ,
Keith Alexander Carroll