Rozier’s collecting eclipse glasses


After watching the total solar eclipse on April 8, many people around the country probably didn’t know what to do with the glasses they used. A local business has found a way to recycle them.
Dana Koenig of Rozier’s Food Centre, has headed a drive for those in the community to bring in their lightly used or new glasses and recycle them. Koenig will send the glasses off to a company in Utah, where they will be sent off to people in South America who will use them to view a similar eclipse in August of this year.
“I saw it on the news and I thought it would be a great idea,” she said. “I cleared it with my bosses here and they said it would be ok. People just throw them away sometimes and now they will have a chance to send them here and we will take care of them.”

There has already been a great response to the mission, as Perry County Heritage Tourism has already dropped out excess glasses that number in the thousands.
“That’s what we are here for,” Koenig said. “We were all taken by surprise when they brought all of those in.
Rozier’s will continue to collect glasses until July 20.
“We want other people to be able to enjoy the eclipse,” she said. “Now they will be able to with similar drives like these.”