Letter to the Editor: Remaining committed to remaining unmasked


Dear Editor,
I have not received Healthcare in 2.5 years!
I have had my heart opened to just a small, miniscule glimpse of what true discrimination might, may, could feel like, a window into people’s dark closed minds.
During the pandemic, starting publicly in our minds somewhere around February of 2020, I traveled throughout 12 states, including Missouri where I was treated like a second class citizen. Why? Simply for choosing to breathe as God intended.....never once, not ever being in my hand or on my face a single time was I to don a mask not even in a nightmare did I wear a mask, really? Not a single time! EVER!
How? You say! With creativity, ingenuity, resolve, will, dogged determination and Freedom, not to mention a stubborn streak and did I mention FREEDOM!
But at what cost? My health? But Keith you chose to not seek healthcare! No!!! I chose to not wear a mask while others chose to exclude me from entering their facility while seeking proper healthcare. I continue to make a decision based on my moral compass as they make a decision to exclude me from proper healthcare based on........well it seems to change often, flattening the curve, other peoples’ safety during non-viral seasons, Medicare reimbursement, spikes in non-existent spring Covid, Corporate Medical, Insurance guidelines and on and on.
I am father of four and a Papa to three and I want to live a long, long life but I want to live free so I choose no mask just as doctors and hospitals choose to lock me out or ask me to sneak in the backdoor akin to being asked to sit in the back of the bus or using a different water fountain or sitting in a different part of a restaurant.
So, my body continues to be unmasked by my choice and uncared for by doctors by their choice those who spent some 15 years of their lives dedicated to learning and continuing to care for people like me, but they have been unable to insist on Freedom for the MINORITY like myself but join in on a curious list of reasons to deny access to the small number( the minority) of unmasked among us.
With all Respect,
Keith Alexander Carroll,


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