Letter to the Editor: A Truly Biblical Trick or Treat Culminating this Nov. 8th


Dear Editor,
In a society where our eyes, minds & souls are daily exposed to more & more abhorrent & horrific realities & repugnant visions of apocalypse, many of us seem to be more and more obsessed with vicariously experiencing progressively more and more explicit and fantastical terror.
We cower in our oh so carefully acclimatized & insulated homes, gripping guns to our breasts, imagining apocalypse in the form of wretched, insensate, acquisitive & oversexed poor, gays, transexuals, blacks, Hispanics & Muslims, drooling voraciously for our wealth & our vitality; real life zombies bent on stealing our very lives.
We embrace that fear, that horror, that cataclysm as if it were somehow reality.
It is not.

The only thing we need to fear is, as Franklin Roosevelt said some 90 years ago in the heart of the great depression; “fear itself”.
And that fear is clearly, explicitly & intentionally been created, propagated, and fomented by an insane, dysfunctional cult impersonating one of our formerly great political parties.
They are made up of human beings. They are God’s creations. We love them, but they are afraid. They have fled reason to embrace expediency and fear.
We must draw them away from the abyss Nov. 8th. God Bless!!!

Jim Martin


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