Letter: Are you willing to stand up?


Dear editor:

I’m going on 73 years of age. I’m a retired teacher, a Vietnam veteran, a lifelong advocate for people with disabilities and families with functional needs. I’m a Christian, a Catholic and I’ve just got a few questions to ask you, if you’ll bear with me:

Are you a Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, agnostic or atheist who embraces the moral precepts which Christ & Buddha happened to, and seeks to further happiness, well-being and faith in our future for every one of us, our families and our children?

Do you believe that we are set down here on this earth to further humanities well-being, our morality, our functionality and to encourage us to be progressively better throughout our lives and through our next generations, while we as a species happen to occupy this planet?

Do you believe we can progress toward those goals by simply trusting that everyone will be honest, moral, upright and embrace caring for our fellow man in their/our business and personal lives without any type of Our/Government oversight?

Do you believe in our Constitution? … that we have a right to life, liberty and to pursuit of the happiness and well-being of our families and ourselves while we’re on this earth… as long as we don’t interfere with the rights of our fellow citizens & human beings… and that the only way to have any hope of ensuring those rights is for each of us to be involved in every way we possibly can in the political process which directs how we govern ourselves?
If you do, Congratulations!, whether you knew it or not, you are a believer in a progressive gov’t. agenda and a mixed economy, as has been virtually every Republican & Democratic leader this nation has supported and voted for in the last century, despite “Trumpist” protestations…. Look it up.

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, as I’m pretty sure you have … the only question left is, what are you willing to do to affirm and preserve our constitution, our democratic republic, and its values and to uphold its sacred moral precepts?

  1. Are you willing to talk with your family, friends and neighbors?
  2. Are you willing to work to find out what & who those who hold office really support?
  3. Do they support those who are congenitally dishonest and/or do not truly embrace God or any type of moral precepts… whatever their “professed” religion?
  4. Do they embrace or fail to decry despots, dictators, liars, misogynists, fear mongers and/or racists?
  5. Do they routinely attempt to usurp the rights and freedoms of their fellow citizens and other human beings whether foreign or domestic?

III. Are you willing to consider supporting progressive, moral candidates?

Are you perhaps willing to consider standing up in this our citizen democracy … and putting yourself forward as a candidate:

  1. For Alderman(woman)?
  2. For School board member?
  3. For County Commissioner?
  4. For State Representative?   

As a Progressive … a Constitutionalist… an Independent… a Progressive Republican or… be still my heart… a “Democrat” …. whatever name you feel most comfortable with, are you willing to stand up & be a true citizen?

Jim Martin



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