Letter to the Editor: Together


Dear Editor
Oh how we have grown weary, President Trump “Loses” and COVID changes our lives forever!
President Biden excoriates the will of the honest Men and Women of our country, day after day, brick by brick , darkly dismantling the foundation that good folks fought so hard to lay in place to create the best civilization the earth has but loved!
Perry County we have for years fought for the call of pride and for the banner of excellence we have firmly stood!
Tall! We have stood! Yet we stand! How should we stand? Firm and Stout or lowly and limber?
I implore you to stand firm in the face of the mediocrity that has befallen our community....... Greed, ineptitude and bad decisions with all wrong hearted direction given by a select group of millionaires working for Multi-Millionaires taking direction from billionaires and the aloof foot Soldiers who see money and power as the achievement they desire to serve their fool heart! Forgive them for they know not!
But for We the People and for my house we pray, WE PRAY only for true Freedom and Liberty, shine on .... And simply brightly shine!

August 6th we vote .....the Established ways drove us to our destination!
Change is our right , a new direction is our path! Stand shoulder to shoulder and speak truth to power!
We soldier on once again,
not as strangers but together!
With All Respect and God’s Blessings,
Keith Alexander Carroll