Letter to the Editor: Faith, Family, Freedom


Dear Editor
Consistency over time matters. Truly serving your community matters. Especially when asking for nothing in return except that we would all pull together to serve. Most importantly, expect nothing in return for ourselves except the well and right satisfaction of contributing to the pursuit of our happiness!
Public service should be about duty to our home here in Perry County. Public service should be about Faith, Family, and Freedom; the three cornerstones of a thriving, robust, and moral society. Without these three components, I do not believe a vibrant full life is sustainable long term.
Faith, Family, and Freedom. Remember, one cannot thrive without the other; they certainly build upon each other!
Our Faith inspires us to love and to support our Family . God reminds us that He alone shoulders the burden of the world. Our Faith is in HIM!
Our Family is nothing without the love that Faith provides. The true base for all Love is Christ! Our Faith in Him, regardless if we acknowledge it or not, He is the formula for true Family! He IS the cure!

Our Freedom maximizes our Faith and Family. Without Freedom, our ability to practice our Faith openly and grow and love our Family is greatly diminished! Freedom must be maintained at all costs!
The Naysayers and would-be Usurpers with their Generals and Lieutenants, the Henchman and Foot Soldier enforcers, along with their small intellectual useful idiots are in collusion with Millionaires working for Multi-Millionaires working for Billionaires. They would use their public power to enrich themselves through salaries and expansion and corruption, lead by taxation and fees that would burden the worker bee (You) and the ant (Me) under the crushing weight of inflation and artificial growth and poor money policy! Spending into oblivion!
The remedy my friends is Faith, Family, and Freedom!
To stand strong, we must first find the cure on our knees!
With All Respect,
Keith Alexander Carroll