Letter to the Editor: Feeling better


Dear Editor
A few days ago I developed a bad cough. It continued to get worse so I decided to go to the emergency room at Mercy Hospital Perry. Within a couple of minutes I was taken to a room. Dr. Karr examined me, ordered x-rays and blood work. The tests showed that I had pneumonia. He determined that I needed a strong antibiotic which had to be given through an IV, so he admitted me.
I got to the room where more blood work was done and a respiratory therapist gave me a breathing treatment which they continued to do three times each day until I was dismissed.
The next morning I was seen by Dr. Rao, who is the hospitalist at our hospital. This man is an exceptional doctor and person. He took time to explain what was going on with my situation and answered all my questions and came back when my wife got there and explained things to her. All of the nurses, therapists, technicians and aids were very professional and friendly and always took their time with me. By the way, the food was great, don’t believe what they say about hospital food!
On Sunday, I was paid a visit by the hospital administrator, Chris Wibbenmeyer. He asked me how I was doing and if I was satisfied with the care I was receiving. I assured him I was getting wonderful care.

I just wanted everyone in Perry County to know what a wonderful gift this hospital is for our community. I want to commend Chris Wibbenmeyer and his administrative team on the fine job they have done putting together, training and educating this great group of people. Thank you all very much!
As a side note, I believe I had the best room in the hospital. I had a perfect view of the cross on Immanual Lutheran Church. It was a constant reminder that my Lord and Savior was right there with me during my whole ordeal.
By the way, I am home now and feeling much better.
Don Hemmann