Board discusses renaming McDonald’s Drive


The Board of Aldermen discussed and approved several things at the latest meeting on June 4.
The board had a discussion regarding the name of McDonald’s Court. Staff has confirmed that Perryville has not one, but two city streets that are currently named McDonald’s as part of their name (both Drive and Court). Currently, McDonald’s Court lacks any structure or address so a change now would have zero impact on existing businesses or residents. Staff would like to discuss the idea of renaming this street after something or someone more “unique” and “special” to Perryville as opposed to having two streets named after a McDonald’s restaurant, which can be found in nearly every town across this Country. To start the conversation, staff would propose something like, “St. Catherine Labouré Court” who was a nun in The Daughters of Charity and responsible for the Miraculous Medal.
The board loved the idea and the change has been set in motion.
The board approved a resolution to enter into an agreement with Horner & Shifrin, Inc., relative to engineering services regarding Water Model Update and Evaluation. Staff has worked in recent years with Horner & Shifrin to help perform modeling on the City’s water system. This renewed agreement lends structure to that arrangement and allows staff to authorize and approve small but related tasks under this Board-sanctioned contact. For example, staff could request modeling on how the water system would work if we opened or closed a specific valve or looped a section of line. This information proves vital in our capital improvement planning, line extensions, and land development.
The board also approved an emergency ordinance accepting a roadway and utility easement
from Stonie’s, LLC located off of Corporation Lane in the Industrial Park. Stonie’s is planning to construct a warehouse facility in the industrial park. The City has an existing roadway easement that needs to be shifted slightly for the warehouse to meet all zoning setback requirements. The change is very minor but necessary for their construction and the modified route will not affect the usability or constructability of a future city street.

In the consent agenda, the board approved a quote from Federal Signal Safety and Security Systems relative to automated outdoor warning siren equipment and installation. It marks a new approach to siren management. In the past, all sirens were activated manually, most often at the direction of Major Bill Jones. Part of our transition to the new justice center and St. Francois County Dispatch is to seek a better
alternative by automating our sirens. Once installed, staff will work to program the
proper polygon to be monitored and sirens will be activated automatically on que
from the National Weather Service. Additionally, and as a matter of redundancy,
sirens can be activated from an authorized mobile phone or manually. As discussed at the last meeting, staff is looking for ways to somewhat “tighten up” the personal weight training services occurring in the park center gym as these services are neither authorized nor endorsed by the Perry Park Center. The City worked with Park Center staff to develop a proper structure and with City Attorney Pistorio to develop the appropriate waiver. Both are presented here for the Board to consider and provide official approval, upon which we will approach those training in the Park Center.
In his report Perryville City Administrator Brent Buerck said that they are looking for a good date for a ribbon cutting for Vincentian Way and that TG-Missouri will soon hold a Electronic Recycling Event on July 13.