Letter to the Editor: Respect the ideas, input from hospital board members


To the Editor:
Employees of PCMH. You are just that EMPLOYEES! Entitled to OPINIONS! You do not DOMINATE your workplace. You are just the paid people that work there!
I have been hoping for better healthcare at PCMH. I was very glad that SE Health had made such a GREAT proposal! Now I could use a GREAT facility, I wouldn’t have to drive to Cape!
The employees of PCMH are just a SMALL group of employees! The employees of most of the employers in Perry County have been getting good healthcare from SE Health, so why should they have to change! Just because of a F&W of you!
Paid employees and operating board members should NOT strong arm this decision! There are MANY more employers affected by this decision, than just your SMALL amount.
We, the county residents, would like to receive some money for the lease of OUR property! The county would have more money for repairs and also expand our community! We would all like to see growth and a hospital with good care.
We have gone from a 4 to a 1 rating because of management and poor healthcare! Why? and you want to CONTROL this decision!
You, as an employee, or paid operating board member, if you are unhappy at PCMH, have the option to leave and retire or go someplace else. We, as patients, have only one option to LIVE or DIE!
We would like healthcare from a smaller, more transparent entity, than a large out-of-state conglomerate!
You three new officers if the ELECTED board please listen to our please! COMPARE! COMPARE!
Although some are being paid $1 million PLUS, $300,000 plus, $250,000 plus you are still not the OWNERS of the hospital and should not be able to DEMAND!
We, the residents and owners, majority of the employees, are satisfied with the care at SE Health and DON’T want to change!!
Two of the operating board are HIGHLY paid EMPLOYEES! and why are they spending their time “searching” for a nursing school when the offer has already been made?
Again, RESPECT the ideas and input from the ELECTED board and commissioners! They are swamped with calls, and conversations, from the residents of Perry County. They are getting a lot of input, and CONCERN!
Maybe our rating would go up from a “1” if more time was spent on healthcare, instead of sticking your nose in OWNERSHIP decisions.
Sandy Vinson
I value my life, resident


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