Letter to the Editor: New Bold Leadership


Dear Editor,
In times of trouble we must look to new bold leadership to pull us from the depths that others have plunged us into!  
Fear is a motivator and bad decisions made by long time long serving, long suffering  politicians have fanned the flames of fear! 
In April of 2023 in Perry County there will be opportunities to impose term limits on the good ole boys by simply voting them out and electing a new day, a new dawn, a new problem solving fearless group of  individuals who are laser focused on returning our system of government back to it’s once glorious self!
Men and Women (yes we use proper traditional pronouns) who will fight for the Gilster worker the same as they will for the CEO of a corporate entity! Perryville Pride is waiting to spring forth April 2023! Elect new Fighters that want you to thrive once again! 

New! Strong, Confident, Transparent people who hold the values of this conservative community!
Folks willing to roll up their sleeves and do the strong work that has to be done in these uncertain times! The silent majority must rise from the ashes once again!
God Bless you, God Bless Perry County and God Bless a Nation fighting for it’s very soul against the forces of darkness, a darkness that holds no power when exposed to the light of truth and transparency!
With all Respect,
Keith Alexander Carroll 


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