Letter to the Editor: Mail order pharmacy


To the Editor:
You are likely using mail-order pharmacy if you are in the National Guard, the Reserves, Retired Military, or a dependent of someone who fits in this category. Our pharmaceutical coverage under TRICARE strongly encourages it. You have less co-pay, if any at all, on generics.
The firm which handles your requests for and delivery of your pharmaceuticals is contracted by the Defense health Agency.
I have had problems with the contracted provider (the same firm keeps getting the contract) since I have been enrolled in the Mail-Order Pharmacy Program. The last time I had a problem with them I decided to go to my U.S. Representative.
He succeeded in getting their Congressional Liaison to contact me. I had been in email contact with her about the problem but she would not respond.
I finally received my medicine in January, 2021. It was (according to their website) filled in early December, 2020 and was estimated to arrive in December 2020. While waiting for delivery, I missed a dose.
I requested that our Congressman get Defense health Agency to reprimand this company and make sure they operate honestly and truthfully. The lady who works for him expressed that I am the only one who has complained. Unless more people in his district voice their complaints about the pharmaceutical service which the Defense Health Agency provides for them, he has no grounds to take such action. I guess one vote doesn’t matter.
If you have or have had trouble with this company, call your U.S. Congressman. He’s in the book and he works for you.
Troy Kiefer,


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