Letter to the Editor: Citizen Trump


Dear Editor
Citizen Trump for the first time in his self-centered life has faced Justice. He’s responded like the contemptable little weasel he’s always been; blaming everyone around him for his legal and moral transgressions. 12 of his fellow citizens had the guts to confront someone with more power, potential and intent to do harm than anyone on the face of the earth and courageously put him in his place.
The Donald in the final analysis is a creation of the media, self-fashioned and feverishly self-promoted over a lifetime to create a fantasy to feed his sociopathic and deficient ego. And, like Hitler, another sociopathically deficient human being, he’s done so by constantly using and attacking others. But, like Hitler, those machinations have presented themselves at a time where significant numbers of his fellow human beings have been willing to set aside rationality, ethics and morality in the futile prayer that this pathological “Antichrist” will somehow save them from their own irrational fears. Would that they actually understood themselves, this frightening, nightmare world they seem to reside in and history itself.
Some well-meaning citizens we assume would call themselves acolytes to this pathetic criminal are prominently displaying a banner locally which speaks eloquently to that desperate, dysfunctional fear, fervently advocating: “Faith, Family and Freedom”. This in what is inarguably the freest nation this world has ever known. They purport to embrace “Faith”, apparently believing that Christ would somehow accept and excuse; not only a serial failure to embrace and love their fellow human beings and His irreplaceable creation, but a coordinated and sustained effort to do harm to it and them. They’d have us believe they embrace “family” when they eulogize a creature who has spent his entire life practicing controlling and serpentine sex, puerile misogyny, and self-centered manipulation of his offspring, along with everyone else around him. And “Freedom”? The only freedom he endorses is his own febrile, libidinous freedom to control and manipulate anything and everyone around him for his selfish purposes.

If we truly believe in God, we know that he loves every one of us even though we’re weak and eminently fallible human beings. I can every minute of every day accurately and passionately declare: “Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!” But, this pathetic dolt too many of us seem to idolize not only understands nothing about love, but finds absolutely no fault with anything he’s ever done or will ever do. Nothing could be more terminally dangerous to us as citizens and human beings.
Dear ones; Over going on eight decades, I’ve defended you, advocated for you, educated some of you and enjoyed life with you in this beautiful, iconic community. I can truly say I love you. You’re my brothers and sisters. I get no pleasure from saying this.
But, we’re adults, we’re Americans, we’re citizens and we avow that we’re Christians. It’s time to stand up for humanity, truth and democracy.
Jim Martin