Letter to the Editor: Choice is Clear


Dear Editor
Anyone who thinks Democrats are unduly harsh in their judgment of Donald Trump should listen to what his former Republican associates say about him.
His former chief of staff for 18 months, General John Kelly said in his book about his partnership with Trump that “Trump is the most flawed person I ever met. The depths of his dishonesty is astounding.”
Other Republicans have described him as “extremely narcissistic,” “not caring for anyone other than himself,” “unfit for office,” “a great threat to democracy,” “a cheater, con man and a crook,” and “selfish and dangerous.” Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie called him a pawn for Putin,”
Trump’s former national security advisor H.R Mcmaster has said “Trump repeatedly compromised our principles for his personal gain.” Another former advisor John Bolton was once asked if Trump could become a dictator. Bolton replied “He doesn’t have the brains.”
After a contentious meeting with Trump and his cabinet former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said to some fellow members that “Trump is a f.. ... ing moron.”
Ty Cobb, a former Trump Lawyer has said that “Trump has never cared about America, Its citizens , its future or democracy, just himself. He’s the greatest threat we have ever seen.”

According to former national security advisor General James Mattis, “Trump incited an insurrection and used the government to destroy trust in an election, and poisoned respect for our fellow citizens.”
In his book General Kelly also wrote that White House staffers were terrified that in a fit of temper Trump might unleash a nuclear war. Kelly said he talked Trump out of bombing North Korea. This is particularly worrisome because his mental condition is in apparent decline and will only get worse with time. He is well known for his vows of retribution and vengeance against his perceived enemies.
While Joe Biden is also showing his age, he is a good decent man who takes his job
very seriously. While I don’t always agree with his social policies, he has done much for the country for which he gets little credit. His accomplishments include: an infrastructure bill that is building and repairing roads and bridges across the country; unprecedented job growth; bringing new manufacturing to the Midwest; reduction of crime and violence through increased funding for the police, and much more. In a future term he promises more of the same to help the middle and low income classes.
Donald Trump will bring us more chaos, big tax cuts for billionaire oil manufacturers, continuous lying and dishonesty on a scale never seen in the White House before.
The choice should be clear.
Marilyn Ooms