Letter to the Editor: America means freedom


Dear Editor,
To Vaccinate or Maskinate, that is the question, don’t you think in the United States of America that we should be free to make a free will decision?
After all America is still the land of the Free and Home of the Brave , Right? Are you still brave? My Dad was shipped off to Vietnam when I was 4 years old and he sure as hell did not leave my Mom and myself behind at Fort Hood so we could lose our Freedoms today!
We know enough about the general way Covid interacts with our environment and you can argue the effectiveness of masks back and forth all day to no avail.
But in my humble opinion there is no arguing in America about Freedom it is available to all citizens at all times to and all people who become citizens and it does not stop when an elected official deems it so! America by its very definition is Freedom!
Let me say it Again “America by its very definition is freedom!” never let that change!
With all respect,

Keith Carroll,

(Editor’s note: Keith Carroll is a member of the Perry County Board of Public Health).


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