Washington Democrats did it again


With less than two weeks to go before they lose control of the House of Representatives, they decided to ram through yet ANOTHER $2 trillion reckless spending bill the day before Christmas Eve. What’s maddening is that they unveiled their massive, 4,000-plus page government funding bill just days earlier in the dark of night, leaving members of Congress too little time to research what’s actually in it.
Washington Democrats were supposed to pass the government funding bill by the September deadline. And with total control of Congress and the White House, it was their responsibility. But rather than ensuring the most basic functions of government are working, they instead decided to focus all of their time and attention to ram through trillions in new spending on their radical agenda to upend American energy, push handouts to the wealthy, and expand their command and control over the lives of American families.
Given Washington Democrats ignored this most basic duty for nearly three months after the start of the fiscal year, the best route forward would have been to pass a short-term funding bill to keep the lights on through January, which would allow the new House Republican majority – voted in by the American people – the opportunity to curb wasteful spending and combat inflation. Instead, the Left ignored the will of the American people and the various consequences that have befallen American families because of reckless Washington spending.

As a result, Americans were left with a massive $2 trillion year-end spending bill that represents everything they can’t stand about Washington: more spending and more debt that will further inflame the worst cost-of-living crisis in 40 years. This spending package will extend President Biden’s record of increasing spending and debt more than ANY other president in U.S. history in his first 23 months in office.
But that’s not the only record that’s been broken: all together, Biden and Washington Democrats have increased spending by $10 trillion during the two years they’ve been in control of Congress and the White House.
This spending bill is dooming America to repeat the same vicious cycle that put hardworking families in a position where they can barely afford to put food on their table, clothes on their back, and gasoline in their cars. Americans have lost nearly two months’ worth of pay to Washington Democrats’ economic crisis, which has forced the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates at the fastest pace in 40 years and larger than the last 15 years combined. As a result, millions of families can no longer afford to purchase a home or pay off their credit card.
On January 3, when the new Republican House majority takes over, President Biden will no longer be able to count on Congress to rubber stamp his radical, costly agenda. House Republicans will block any attempt by President Biden and the Democrat-controlled Senate to pass more of the same reckless spending that’s driven consumer prices to record highs. I’m eager and ready to get to work to reverse all the damage caused by one-party Democrat rule of Washington and begin the journey of getting America back on the right track.


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