Letter to the Editor: Two Solutions


Here is an eminently functional process by which the oft-stated “insoluble” 75-year Israel-Palestine conundrum can be resolved.
1. Israel, unaffiliated Palestinian leaders, designated NATO, UN & LAS, (the League of Arab States) facilitators/negotiators will convene a conference with the understanding that the conference will remain in session until they obtain a long term and equitable solution to the conundrum.
2. They will explore two potential solutions and resolve to approve one of the two: The two state solution: An Israeli and a Palestinian state, or a single, not religiously affiliated representative or parliamentary republic.
A. The potential Two-State Solution:
A not religiously affiliated representative or parliamentary Palestinian state whose constitution would explicitly recognize Israel, its borders, the safety of its people and the legality of Jewish religious belief.
That Palestinian state would include all of the West Bank and Gaza, the corridor between them, the Negev desert and potentially portions of northwestern Jordan along the Jordan River across from the West Bank.
Its capital would be East Jerusalem.
Those Israelis residing in the newly designated Palestinian state, if they wished, would be provided land, homes and a relocation “budget” potentially funded by the negotiating consortium noted above.
B. The religiously inclusive Single-State Solution:

The state would consist of the present state of Israel and potentially some small portions of southern Syria, western Jordan & southern Lebanon.
Its official name will be Israel-Palestine.
Its capital would be Jerusalem.
Its constitution would be a representative or parliamentary democracy which would stipulate complete religious freedom and expressly prohibit any discrimination on the basis of religion, cultural affiliation or other background.
Its constitution might also stipulate a freedom of immigration for X number of Jewish individuals/families and a commensurate number of Muslim individuals/families.
Its constitution must also ensure that all religious structures, institutions and traditions are scrupulously protected.
Why do we care? The protection of the human lives and religious and societal freedoms of countless Palestinians and Israelis reflects starkly upon our nation’s leadership and our people’s humanity and morality.
Jim Martin