Letter to the Editor: Give citizens a voice


Dear Editor
A friend of mine, Joe Hutchison, who is a candidate for the PCMH public board, has been accused of mistruths for asking pertinent and probing questions concerning the management of our hospital. The answers to these questions should be public knowledge. Every citizen of this county deserves to know the truth. At the last PCMH public board meeting, Joe asked a question regarding a “Conflict of Interest” reported on their 990 Tax Form, but got no response. Joe’s only intention is to protect PCMH and their employees as community assets.
Sadly, when I last checked, the hospital’s CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) quality rating was still 1 out of 5, with “1” being the lowest government rating.
I would encourage the PCMH public and private boards not to vote for a merger until after the April 4th election. Give the citizens a voice.
Charles Geringer