Health Department conducting survey for strategic plan


The Perry County Health Department is looking for community input.
The Health Department is conducting a community survey to help form the local organization’s strategic plan.
Every several years, health departments complete a Community Health Assessment and Strategic Plan. This strategic plan will help define the Health Department’s priorities and direction over the next three to five years around carrying out the foundational public health services. A strategic plan outlines the mission, vision, and core values of the department and guides decision-making on allocation of resources. This plan sets forth what the health department plans to achieve internally, how it will achieve these goals, and identifies measurable objectives so it knows when it has achieved goals.
“The strategic plan is extremely important as it helps guide internal goals and objectives of the health department for the next 3-5 years.,” Health Department Director Liz House said.
Focus groups have been completed with the Health Department Board of Trustees, staff, and community leaders and partners.
Now it is the communities turn to provide their input.

The survey consists of 33 questions and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.
“Our goal is 250 to 300 responses. We will also be looking to see if we receive responses from various age groups and other demographics when looking at the results to ensure all areas of our community are represented.” House said.
Citizens are asked to rate the Health Department’s ability to perform various foundational public health services, including in emergency situations
The survey will be available until Friday, July 7 and can be assessed online or by completing a survey in person at the Health Department during regular business hours (Monday through Friday 8-4:30).
The strategic plan is expected to be completed in September.
Moving forward, the Health Department hopes to provide an Annual Report to the public that discusses progress on the Health Needs Identified in the Community Health Assessment and progress on the Strategic Plan goals and objectives from the previous year.
“This annual report would be published once a year, with the goal of the first report to be released in early 2024.” House said.