Editorial: Vote ‘Yes’ on Prop C.O.P.S.


When you think of our community law enforcement and court system one of the first words that comes to mind is dependable.
When you need help, you call 911. You trust that the call will be answered, you rely on a quick and timely response.
When the responders arrive, you trust they will be able to help, have the tools and knowledge to assist.
If you are involved in a court case that needs to be seen by a judge, you depend on a safe and secure environment.
If you have a loved one who is serving a sentence in jail, you depend on them to receive basic care and for the deputies caring for them to be able to provide that care in a safe and clean environment.
The Republic-Monitor also depends on 911, first responders, the court system and safety for all.
All of this is true, but, it needs to be more dependable, more secure and more efficient.
We believe our 911 system should be in one central location, this will allow for better communication between all agencies, provide a safer community and will save tax payers money.
We believe our jail is completely outdated, out of room and out of touch with todays needs. Our sheriff deputies and jailers need to have adequate space to do their job, they need to have a clean and safe environment to do their job and they need to be able to provide a safe and secure environment for the male and female inmates.
We believe it is time to stop the prisoners from being transported from the jail to downtown to go to court. It is an unsafe situation for everyone, the police, the prisoners, the families, the victims and the individuals in downtown who have no involvement in the legal proceedings.
We believe that when going to court it should be a safe and secure experience. Our courthouse is beautiful and has been restored to reflect its history and influence on our community, but it is not a courthouse to serve the needs of 2021 and beyond.
The Republic-Monitor encourages you to strongly consider the needs our community is facing now and in the future. Perry County has seen a large increase in population over the past 30 years, and we need to address how that growth has effected our court system, our operations, our police department and our sheriff’s department.
Prop C.O.P.S addresses all these issues and the funds raised from this proposition will create one facility to house all of the agencies and services, all under one roof, all secure, all updated and all with the room and equipment needed to continue to serve and protect our community and residents, as well as be able to grow, as Perry County grows.
The Republic-Monitor encourages you to vote on Tuesday. April 6, 2021, and encourages you to vote yes on Prop C.O.P.S.


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