Board addresses rezoning issue


The Board of Aldermen dealt with a pair of property issues at the latest City Council meeting Nov. 15.
A public hearing was held in reference to Dave Richardet submitting a rezoning request to rezone partial lots on his property off of Montenot between Alma Avenue and Edgemont Boulevard from R-2 to R-5 to construct apartment complexes. The Planning and Zoning board has reviewed the request and recommended not approving the rezoning.
The issue has been addressed several times before at council meetings and the sentiment from the Perryville residents in the area remains the same.
They are against the rezoning and multiple residents spoke to that the issue.
“I would hope that the Board of Aldermen would respect the decision made by the Planning and Zoning board,” Perryville resident Bonnie Schnurbusch said. “We looked for a lot in the city for two years and I would love to see it stay residential. I think it’s in an area that is convenient for elderly people or even for people with young kids.”
The Board of Aldermen could not take an official vote on the issue at the meeting because it was not on the agenda to do so, but multiple aldermen noted that they were leaning toward voting down the rezoning at the next meeting.
The board also reviewed an Utility Extension Application from Bruce and Lorna Gibbar. The Gibbar’s have purchased property located just outside the city limits along T-Road. They would like to sign promissory paperwork agreeing to annex into the city in the future provided they can access City utilities, specifically water.
“What they want to do extend the water line to a nearby water plant at their own cost,” Perryville Administrator Brent Buerck said. “They would build out the infrastructure and dedicate it to the city. Their promise is at the time the city limits grew to include that property they would annex at a future date.”

Buerck said the Gibbars have agreed to do the streets and lots to city standards.
“It’s not going to be a substandard construction and they do gravel roads,” Buerck said.
In other news, the board approved Morton Salt to provide the salt to the city for the winter for $94.78 per ton. Last year’s rate was $87.74. Staff continues to work through plans to purchase a new salt storage facility as was called for and approved in the budget. This structure will be located on the newly purchased property next to Public Works and will eventually allow the city to take delivery of all the material ordered.
The board approved a cost share agreement with Moore Drive residents for road improvements. This agreement provides for the improvement of Moore Drive, bringing the street up to the standards required for a county road. Once improved, it will be returned to the Perry County Commission for ongoing maintenance and repairs.
The board approved the hiring of two new police officers: Levi Fortner and Joseph Allen Boyd.
In his Administrative report, Buerck detailed a new policy for Lifeguard certification, which in the past required people to get the certification on their own dime and then be reimbursed 50 percent of the cost a few months later. Buerck proposed that percentage be raised to 100 percent after 90 days.
“If we want the pool to be adequately staffed and open on a regular basis, I feel this is something we should do,” he said.
Buerck also pointed out an article that noted that unless there is more rain, people will be able to walk across dry land once again to reach Tower Rock.
The next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 29


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