Aldermen discuss Star Street sidewalk


The Perryville Board of Aldermen spent a large portion of their latest meeting talking about a sidewalk project and deciding which way to proceed.
About one year ago the board had asked the city to put a sidewalk along Star Street for soccer parents who are parking on the street. The Missouri Department of Transportation as a grant application called TAP (Transportation Alternative Program). The City submitted a sidewalk project to run that sidewalk along that street.
On Tuesday, the board debated where to stop that sidewalk. If the sidewalk continues past the parking lot at the Soccer Complex, there’s a point that two sidewalks would be close to each other.
There would be three different options on how to proceed: the first being how it was originally presented which brings the sidewalk almost parallel to the walking trail until a handicap grade is met and then it crosses over and connects the two paths. The second is stopping short of the parking lot, and the third is moving the sidewalk to the opposite side of the street. The City will present all three options to the Missouri Department of Transportation and see which one they prefer.
The project is an 80-20 match with MODot, with the city responsible for just 20 percent.

In other news, the board approved a utility billing procedure regarding water and sewer average for restoration of turf. Staff would like to have permanent direction in place for how to address the water and sewer costs associated with turf restoration following a city project. This policy would now direct staff to provide a credit for up to 3 months, as needed and when requested.
“When we do major projects like the trunk line, we do tear up yards,” Perryville City Administrator Brent Buerck said. “The question is who is responsible for maintaining that? I think this would solve a lot of problems we are having with residents.”
During his report, Buerck discussed several things including Fall Cleanup which is scheduled for Oct. 16-20 and a location for a new mural which would be aviation themed. It would be located on the old Republic-Monitor building.
There will be a Cape Championship Wrestling event on Sept. 23 at the Perry Park Center as well as a Taylor Swift Concert Movie.
The next meeting will be Sept. 20.