Letter to the Editor: Transparency Czar


Dear Editor,

Since our public schools seems a bit over staffed in the management area, two superintendents; I would like to suggest that our school system reach out to all parents, grandparents and all concerned citizens by asking the new superintendent to assume the responsibility of TRANSPARENCY CZAR.
Transparency will help transcend politics and partisan fights and just might foster good relations with our schools in hopes of teaching what the public wants for their children. The desired transparency includes but not limited to what versions of Woke, CRT, Discipline, and sexual identity are being taught at all levels. Our residents would also love to give input concerning fiscal restraint. Now is the time for full transparency! I think one voice, the Czar, should be heard loud and clear.
In defense of his newly hired superintendent, a local resident stated to me, “this CZAR position would be a great way for Dr. Fara Jones to learn the community and the people in it as well. She needs to know what our values are so that she can properly guide our schools to reflect to what we the people want and expect from our public school system.”

The State of Missouri is considering legislation: “A PARENTS BILL OF RIGHTS” regarding what our children should be taught. Florida already has this common-sense legislation. Perhaps our school administration and public board should be on official record of what they think should be part of this new law. What our management team thinks should be totally transparent. If no legislation is enacted voting for appropriate school board members will become very important.
With full transparency, attendance and participation at school board meetings might become quite enlightening.

Joe D Hutchison


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