Medallion Hunt begins next week


The Republic-Monitor has begun preparing and planning for the annual Medallion Hunt, which will take place beginning Thursday, March 2 and run for five consecutive weeks.
That’s right, it’s an extra week this year.
This is the 37th year for the annual hunt, where treasure seekers decipher clues to lead them to a hidden medallion. The finder is awarded a check each week, unless the medallion is not found.
The newspapers containing the clues will not be available until 5 a.m. Thursdays for all five weeks at the Republic-Monitor office, located at 11 West St. Joseph St. in downtown Perryville. The hunt will run consecutively, with the final treasure hunt taking place on March 30.
Each week the medallion will be hidden in Perry County. Clues to the location of the medallion will be found in the advertisements of the merchants participating in the Republic-Monitor’s “Treasure Hunt” promotion. Participating ads will be marked by a pirate figure.
Clues to the location of the medallion will be published each Thursday in the Republic-Monitor. A prize of $100 will be given to the person who finds and brings the medallion to the Republic-Monitor office during regular business hours, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

In the event that the medallion is not found within the allotted time, $50 will be added to the prize money for the following week, and the location of the medallion will remain where it was, undisturbed.
There are no age limits or residency requirements, however, an individual can win only once during the 2023 Medallion Hunt contest. Other rules for the search include:
The medallion may be hidden either outdoors or indoors, but will always be hidden in a public place. Since it is in a public place, however, there may be limited hours of accessibility. Participants must observe all regulations pertaining to the building or area. Trespassing is illegal and the medallion will not be hidden on private property.
The medallion will be concealed in such a way as to present no physical or other risk in retrieving it. (Perry County Newspapers, Inc., assumes no liability in connection with participation in this game).
The winners’ photos will be taken and published in the print edition of the newspaper.
Anticipation is growing in the office as the hunt nears. The staff of Republic-Monitor hopes to see scores of participants both old and new. Best of luck to all.