Local florist eyeing retirement, hopes business continues


Shirley Moonier of Moonier Florist has no intention of closing her business, but she is looking for someone who is willing to purchase it and the building in the near future. She stressed that she will stay until an agreement can be made.
“I went to a real estate agent and then the rumor went all over town that I was shutting down and closing my doors,” Moonier said. “I’m in business until someone comes in and wants to take over. I don’t want to close my doors and walk away. I have too big of a customer base to do that.”
The decision was made that she would like to “cut back” on her direct involvment with the iconic local floral shop.
“I will never not work,” Moonier said. “Ideally, I would like bring someone in that is passionate about this type of business and I could work with until they feel comfortable with what they are doing. I’m more than just a florist, I’m a garden center, greenhouse grower of vegetables and more. I’m getting ready to get married and this work can be seven days per week.”
Happy and Marjorie Moonier started the business in 1965. Happy purchased the land the business is on when he was 15 years old by shining shoes, playing guitar and being a cook at a local tavern. After their passing — Hoppy in 2006 and Marjorie 2011 — Shirley has had full ownership of the business she started working in at the age of 13.

The business started out in a garage and then in 1971, the current building was constructed.
“I have a passion for all aspects of the business and life,” Shirley said. “During both happy times and sad times, flowers always play a role in many life situations. I want the business to continue to live on.”
Since Shirley took over, things have flourished.
“With my parent’s age, things had leveled off,” Moonier said. “I introduced a new point of sale system and upgraded several things. I don’t mean to brag, but It has grown in the past several years. There was a lot of physical things that needed to be done and a lot of in-house things. I made a point to go to design shows to see the latest things in the industry. I like to think I’m still up to par.”
Moonier has plans to actively grow the business by having more plants in the greenhouse this coming spring than in year’s past.
“I still have the energy to do a lot of things, which is why I’m waiting until someone comes along that wants this type of business,” Moonier said. “But, for how long will I have the energy. I still want to be able to enjoy life, while I still can.”