Letter to the Editor: Transparency


It is good that we still have free speech and we can express our thoughts and concerns in our local newspaper.
Unfortunately, the majority of the voters do not read this part of the paper. Some of these letters are politically inspired, but some should be read. They are informing us of very important issues in the community.
We are fortunate that Joe Hutchison attends the public meetings at the school and PCMH.
It is absurd what PCMH is wanting to force on us, the owners of the hospital. We the voters elected these board members, They are not appointed by a bias group of individuals and should not be fired because of an opinion. Aren’t we allowed free speech and an opportunity to voice our opinion?

There has never been any transparency in the whole PCMH deal. “Someone” wanted Mercy and has coerced, pushed, threatened and lied to Perry County. Why not let us vote on it? Give us options and let us vote on them. It is our property and we should have a choice. How much are we getting for rent? Can we do better? We should ave another contender. Oh we did? No one ever heard the offer to compare.

Sandy Vinson

P.S I totally agree with Joe about our new Christmas decorations. Don’t miss seeing them. Happy holidays and attend the PCMH meetings.