Letter to the Editor: Protect Democracy


Dear Editor
Unbelievably we’re getting some terrific positive responses to our calling attention to the calamity which is this mindless embrace of authoritarianism which so horrifically mimics Germany in the 1920s.
At our Board Recognition Banquet a couple of weeks ago, a community leader thanked me for my words and that same day I received a kind, if anonymous note in the mail saying how much they appreciated my letters. Their affirmation encourages me to continue to provide a light to the choices we must make if we are to remain not only the light of democracy to the world, but most imperatively to maintain the constitutional democracy which our forefathers courageously fought to bring into existence and countless young Americans, including myself; have defended with their lives over two and a half centuries.
Unfortunately, too many of us have allowed our ignorance of our constitutional system, selfish desires, complacency and more and more, ridiculously baseless and obviously manipulated fears to “herd” us toward what can only be defined as an authoritarian coup by “politicians” and talking heads ever more willing to sign their souls away for power and money.
Whether complacent, fearful, “order” driven or greed filled and racist, Germans, Italians and Japanese brought themselves and the world to the brink of Armageddon seven decades ago with the loss of “only” 50 million lives.
We are on the brink of going down that path right now. We have a choice. If we say, “but I’m afraid of: woke, socialism, abortion, uppity blacks, immigrants, Muslims, yada, yada, yada” or “I’m doing OK, it really doesn’t matter” or “they’re all the same” or if we simply ignorantly believe that a “fearless leader” of any kind will somehow accrue to our financial benefit, even if he or she does harm to others, we, if we live long enough; will regret it with all our heart and soul. If we are to endure and thrive as moral, spiritually well human beings, as loving families, as functional and productive communities, as a world leading nation and as God’s Creation capable embracing and serving as a home for us and our fellow human beings, our choice is simple.
Vote for diversity.
Vote for individual rights.
Vote to preserve the constitution and our democracy.

Vote to condemn anyone who would subvert and destroy it to the ash heap of history, where they belong.
Your 1st steps:
Join us at Chin’s Restaurant, March 9th to meet and find out about an 8th Congressional District candidate.
Then, come out to the Primary Election, March 23rd at the Extension Office Conference Room (in the basement of the County Bldg., 321 N. Main), between 8 am-noon!
- Register to vote if you’re not already.
- Register your thoughts on legislation to create a living minimum wage and protect the rights and wellness of women.
- And, take your 1st steps toward preserving and protecting our democracy!
Jim Martin