Letter to the Editor: Migration


Dear Editor
Excuse me. It is increasingly baffling to scientists, ecologists, macro-economists and loving Christians among us that so many of us, on both sides of the political spectrum are failing to see the imperatives of human migration.
It is acknowledged by almost all scientists that the world is warming at previously unrecognized levels precipitating significant & growing climate change, drought, sea level rise & famine.
Unfortunately, any number of countries, if not regions are exhibiting political/military dysfunction resulting in forced exodus of huge portions of their populations or at the very least, migration to ensure family safety and short/long term well being.
Almost universally, in more economically & politically “mature”/stable nations, families are producing fewer children and the resulting smaller population growth or even reduction in “native” population results in significant & growing labor shortages.
First and second-generation immigrants have almost universally exhibited distinctly more economic productivity in economically & politically stable nations.
Attempting to artificial thwart/block population migration is tremendously expensive, chaotic and disruptive to our political system and our economy overall.

Therefore, what does common sense dictate?
We create an immigration system & bureaucracy which allows us to open our doors as widely as we possibly can to immigration from around the world.
We have and will generate with our prospective new immigrant population innumerable new jobs and productivity.
We will encourage other nations to do so as well, to their own advantage.
We will significantly stabilize or own political system as well as our long term economy.
It is the morally correct thing to do.

Jim Martin