Letter to the Editor: Hayden


Dear Editor,
I have been fortunate enough to attend the lion’s share of Perry County School District 32’s School Board meetings for the last three years. Community service is a commitment.
In my time visiting the School Board I have been subjected to many different topics, proposals, budgets, staff and break out sessions including administration updates full of laughs and many serious engaging conversations as well.
One administrator in particular has caught my attention and has definitely risen above the other administrators that I have had the pleasure of listening to, and that man is Mr. Craig Hayden, the newly promoted, and of whom was chosen from within the District as our new Assistant Superintendent!
Mr. Hayden’s clear, concise intentional leadership is an asset in our County from Frohna to Biehle , Highland to Crosstown, Uniontown to Lithium and all points in between! 

The same success that Craig had at the Schools Career Center will be a welcome asset and a clear breath of fresh air at the main campus at our District 32.
I will be praying for Mr.Hayden’s leadership style to shine on our counties School District and for it to grow and become infectious to all he touches with his glaring expectations of success for all students, staff and teachers!

With all respect,
Keith Carroll