Letter to the Editor: Flag flies


Dear Editor
The American Flag flies high over the Lawn Mower Races at the Patton Saddle Club just down the road in Patton, Missouri.   If you haven’t had a chance to go this summer, You Gotta Go!   
$5 dollars a car load, an inexpensive concession stand with great burgers and fries and of course racing like you’ve never seen.  It’s a place where men and women race against each other, bumping the other mowers in the curve, going up on two wheels in the backstretch and taking the checkered flag for a victory lap.  You’ll see team names like Old Farts Racing, Mow Beer and other clever names that make you smile before the races even gets started.  These are serious racers fighting for every horse power, barely hitting the breaks, having a few spin outs in the race and fine tuning their mowers in between heats.  These are not your regular mowers!  The top machines will go in excess of 60mph and the drivers are fun and fearless!  The most impressive part is that despite the competitive racing, scrapes and spin outs they all look out for each other.  Mom’s, Dad’s, girlfriends and grandma’s can be heard in the stands cheering for their favorite racers and screaming for a little more power as they head down the home stretch.     

The spirit of America and racing is alive and well in Patton.  This is a family friendly race and your kids will love it.  Maybe they’ll even be inspired.   Put some lawn chairs in the truck, load up the kids and be prepared from some great races.  You Gotta Go!      

Don Fulford