Letter to the Editor: Embrace Love


Dear Editor
Are we Pro Life or just Pro brief, pitiful and ultimately culpable self-preservation?
Think back. For some of us it’s way back. As a young child, one of God’s blessed children placed on this earth, what was your first full awareness of your surroundings: Vibrant life, colors, odors, scenes of indescribable joy bursting forth in ineffable beauty, honesty, acceptance/openness, hope and overwhelming and undiluted love. As time moved forward in our brief existence upon this earth, that open, honest embrace of his existence and his incomparable gift to us was inevitably abraded, assaulted and ineffably dulled by our interactions with our fellow already morally abraded/corrupted, fallible, weak human beings through our mutual human insecurities, conflict, selfishness, fear, lies, greed and the hopelessness which they inevitably must breed, like mold on the surface of mana. Were you, were we merely naïve? We desperately want to think so, don’t we?
Whether God’s placed us here as Christian, Muslim, Hindu or simply Theist, arguably if we open our hearts and minds and souls to any logical or faith based understanding of what is going on around us in this existence he’s bestowed upon us as a gift; we deem that God/Allah/Brahma/or generic Creator placed us here amidst his/their beautiful Creation, to embrace, joy in, and nurture his creation for what it is: our one and only home and the core of what he’s trying to teach us over our brief time amidst his creation.
Hopefully respecting them, that beautiful creation in all its complexity and bounty, and all our fellow human beings within it and trusting that, though we all are fallible and ultimately weak, fearful and to a great degree reflexively filled with the desire to preserve, protect and further what we reactively, dully and horribly short sidedly envision somehow as our “interests”, still, if we open our hearts and minds and souls, we have the overwhelming God endowed capacity to value and embrace:
His awesome, irreplaceable creation.
Our and all our fellow human beings’ lives and well-being.
Think about it. Does that ineffably bestowed grace in any way allow… or forgive us, as children of God…. in any way to:
Either criminally or civilly disregard, disrespect, demean, ignore or devalue any of our fellow human beings (the core of God’s one and only creation) for their: gender, color, faith, political positions, education, or lifestyle choices.

Either criminally or civilly disregard, ignore or harm our home - his creation, in all its irreplaceable, ineffable and sublime glory.
Let us embrace life, embrace his creation, embrace our fellow human beings, embrace our constitutional responsibilities as American citizens…. and work together to find solutions for problems which we all face as human beings, as his children:
Pollution & climate destruction – which horribly and inexorably diminish, devalue and ultimately destroy God’s creation and our potential for salvation as those who’ve been placed here by him to husband it.
Immigration – How dare we deem it within our right to prohibit our fellow human beings from providing a life in God’s creation for their families?
Education – Our human right and the absence of which destroys our belief in ourselves and our future in this, God’s creation.
Cultural/ethnic conflicts - which destroy our fellow human beings by the thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions as well as diminishing and ultimately destroying our very souls as his children.
Poverty – which destroys will and faith and hope and even love.
We can cynically laugh at these words as mere sentiment. But if we look within ourselves, we are God’s children, we know it. Embrace God, Embrace his love, embrace his creation, embrace the life he’s given us!
Jim Martin