Letter to the Editor: Donations


There’s nothing like being indicted for 34 crimes to boost one’s chances for being nominated for president and raising tons of money. Whether all or any of them will stick to Donald Trump remains to be seen, but there are several other much stronger suits coming down the line. Trump learned long ago that the crazier he got the more money his fans showered on him, a lesson eagerly taken up by the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert and Kari Lake who still insists she’s governor of Arizona.
Last November, some Republicans got their tongues back from the cat and began saying out Loud what many of us knew all along, that maybe having Trump as their nominee might not be such a good idea after all. Big donors and some allies have since backed away.
It’s not because of his gross incompetence and corruption, or that he has the intellect and emotions of a turnip. Or that it would be awkward having a president govern from a jail cell. None of that matters. Simply, he cost them elections.
Still, many Republicans are still pandering to his base, and in the case if of Senator Lindsey Graham, even raising money for him. With tear filled eyes, Graham beseeched his listeners

“You need to help him, even if you only have $5 or $10. They’re bleeding him dry!”
This comes from a senator who in 2016 said “If we nominate Donald Trump we will get destroyed, and we will deserve it.” And it’s to benefit a billionaire con man who owns a huge private jet, a luxurious apartment in New York with gold plated toilet seats, and a palatial enclave at Mar-a- Lago, And many other luxury properties. And the grift goes on and on.

Marilyn Ooms