Letter to the Editor: Choices


The future of our families, our communities, our nation and humanity itself is awaiting our courageous decision this November.
We have a choice. Not a small choice.
It’s a choice between reality and scare propaganda.
It’s a choice between families who embrace honesty, morality, and liberty and those who either let fear and increasingly hatred of others and/or an embrace of their own self-serving greed and lust for power overwhelm their sense of right and wrong.
It’s a choice in our communities between those who know right and wrong and embrace human morality wherever it leads them on the political spectrum and those who allow their fears of non-conformity and non-compliance, their lust for short-term monetary gain and selfishness and their willingness to embrace fear and hate driven lies because, well; “I don’t know any of those folks who are going to be hurt by these lies and hate, and I am told I should distrust, fear and essentially treat them as non-human beings and I’m also told it’s not going to harm me in the short term.”
And nationally and internationally we have the starkest, clearest choice: continuing to embrace and build on our two and a half century long God-given enshrinement of moral, democratic, constitutional world leadership which has brought us as a people, a nation and a world unparalleled prosperity, safety and freedom or….
an unsustainable, unfathomable, ostrich like abdication of our responsibilities with the inevitable result of millions of human lives around the world being extinguished for absolutely no reason other than our cupidity and greed to: war, climate change, pestilence, ignorance and starvation.
We are already seeing the results of this cupidity and recalcitrant ignorance in Syria and Egypt, in western China with the Uyghur population, in the middle Asian States, in Ukraine, Iraq, Yemen, Gaza and Lebanon; and we will inevitably see it in Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and even Japan and Australia as China and North Korea react to our weakness and in eastern and western Europe, Russia does the same.

That is, if our unstable, erratic little would be dictator doesn’t decide to push the nuclear button and end this world as we know it first.
I’m most of the way through my eighth decade on this earth, so I may be lucky enough to not live to see it.
However, no matter how much we might want to hide our heads in the sand, if we don’t make the right, sane, only real choice this November, it will almost certainly happen within the space of the next five years, that or we will all be sliding inevitably into various forms of economic and political subjugation to our new rulers: the dictators who run China, Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, etc. and the increasingly voracious billionaires who will seek to share the spoils of their victory.
“They” will blame it on: Democrats, Blacks, Muslims, illegal immigrants, the Chinese, Ukraine, Jews, Palestinians, Dr. Fauci, Socialists, Gays, the Trans population, Woke liberals, Abortionists or left-handed Lithuanians; and Faux News & their other propaganda “organs” will insatiably parrot them, but as what is left of us struggle to feed and protect our children from the inevitable wars, famine and desecration which follow, though we may desperately seek to hide it from ourselves, we will know.
It is time to act as free, learned American citizens. Register, inform yourselves. Vote. Courageously and liberally embrace liberty, democracy and freedom instead of the self-serving lies of a would-be two-bit dictator and his fellow autocrats in waiting. We have what is likely our final choice in November.
And our first step is the Primary Election, March 23 at the Extension Office Conference Room (in the basement of the County Bldg., 321 N. Main), between 8 am.m.-noon. Register to vote if you’re not.
Register your thoughts on legislation to create a living minimum wage and protect the rights and wellness of women. And, take your first step toward protecting our fragile democracy!
Jim Martin