Riney unseats Baer in Perryville mayoral race

Rice tops Hudson in Ward 3; community elects two new District 32 school board members


The votes have been counted and the city of Perryville will soon have a new mayor and alderman.

Of the 1,204 voters casting a ballot for city of Perryville mayor in Tuesday’s municipal election, challenger (and Ward 1 alderman) Larry Riney collected 626 votes (51.99 percent) which was better than incumbent Ken Baer (544 votes, 45.18 percent) and Kenny Tucker (33 votes, 2.78 percent).

"I thank the citizens of Perryville for their confidence in me to be their next mayor," Riney said.

Riney is looking forward to beginning his new role with the city.

"I'm excited to get started," Riney said.

In addition, in the Ward 3 alderman race, challenger Clinton D. Rice (301 votes, 70.66 percent) earned a convincing victory over incumbent Prince Hudson (125 votes, 29.34 percent).


For the Perry County School District No. 32 board of education, Dominic Blythe (1,533, 36.76 percent) and Richard Dix, 1,117 votes and 26.79 percent both won three-year terms to the seven-member board.

Dix was the only incumbent among the four listed candidates. Other vote totals included Glendon Sattler (936 votes, 22.45 percent) and Roger Sample (576 votes, 13.81 percent).

There was another race for a one-year term on the District 32 school board. Melissa Hahn collected 1,143 votes, easily getting past Casey Brewer (629 votes) Christopher Paul Congiardo (422, 19.23 percent).

“I think I put myself out there trying to talk to as many people as I could,” Hahn said.

When speaking to voters, many were hoping to see the school district take on more of a focus toward learning, according to Hahn.

“Mostly getting the school back to the pre-COVID, getting the kids back to being educated properly,” Hahn noted.


In three-way race for a five-year term to the Perry County Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees, William “Bill” Bohnert tallied 1,156 votes (45.96 percent) to earn a spot on the board. Robin Huber Sims received 726 votes (26.87 percent)Stephen Rozier, the incumbent, collected 625 votes (24.85 percent).

“I think people were upset about the hospital and what’s going on over there,” Bohnert said. “I think this was their way of letting the hospital know we’re tired of your guy. We’re bringing in somebody new and that was their way of protesting.”

Bohnert, who also serves as the Perry County coroner, was a candidate for the hospital board in 2021.


In the Altenburg Public School No. 48 School District Board of Education race, those winning spots to the board included: Andrew Lichtenegger (188 votes, 26.15 percent), Cary L. Roth (151 votes, 21.0 percent) and Lindsey Palisch (138 votes, 19.19 percent).

Additional candidates included Harold France (126 voters, 17.52 percent) and a certified write-in candidate, Richard "Ricky" Sachs (116 votes, 16.13 percent).

Lichtenegger, Sachs and France were all incumbents on the School Board.

Also, incumbent Candy Mueller also won a spot on the board (241 votes).

Perry County Clerk Jared Kutz is hoping to certify the votes by Friday, April 8.


A little more than one in five registered voters took part in the general municipal election Tuesday, April 5.

A total of 2,631 ballots were cast among 12,798 registered voters (a turnout of 20.56 percent).

While it wasn't a super-high turnout, it was slightly more than what Perry County Clerk Jared Kutz initially predicted and it was enough to oust incumbents in a few contested races.

In the Perry County Memorial Hospital board of trustees race, challenger William "Bill" Bohnert grand 1,156 votes (45.96 percent) which was more than enough to be the top vote-getter (1,156, 45.96 percent), ahead of Robin Huber Sims (726 votes, 28.87 votes) and Stephen Rozier (625 votes, 24.85 percent).