City won't enforce sign ordinance until after inauguration


Take a short drive around Perryville and elsewhere in Perry County, and it won’t take too long to find a few signs related to the general election.
The November election occurred a little more than 10 weeks ago (Nov. 3). Yet, in many places, campaign signage is still widely visible. Many blue Trump/Pence signs are still up, though there are a few related to Proposition 3, a constitutional amendment that changes redistricting rules.
The general election results were formally certified earlier this month. The city’s of Perryville’s ordinance allows for signs to be up 10 days after the election.
“We’ve gone all the way to certification this time but we will be sending letters in the very near future in the spirit of the ordinance,” city administrator Brent Buerck told the Perryville Board of Aldermen at a Jan. 5 meeting.
The city ordinance related to this issue, Chapter 17.56.010, requires removal within 10 days.
Temporary political campaign signs, including their support structures, which are erected or maintained for no more than 180 days prior to the election to which they pertain and which are removed within 10 days after election to which they pertain, according to the ordinance.
Following the incident at the U.S. Capitol Jan. 6, Buerck said the city would hold off on any enforcement until after inauguration day, Jan. 20.


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