City residents concerned with special use permit


The Board of Aldermen set a date for a controversial issue within Perry County at its latest meeting. The board set a public hearing to discuss the special use permit request from DGOGPerryvillemo 05312023 to construct a 10,640 square foot Dollar General Store at property located on the southeast side of Highway 61 and Sutterer Place tentatively scheduled for Dec. 19, or the next board meeting.
This matter was tabled at the October 25 Planning & Zoning meeting and the board waited on a recommendation from the Planning and Zoning and a recommendation was made at the last meeting to grant the special use, which the board has a chance to accept or deny at the upcoming meeting.

The issue has come under some fire at previous Planning and Zoning Commission meetings with multiple residents in opposition with the permit. In a Letter to the Editor in this issue of the Republic-Monitor, Angela Swan noted several reasons for her concern.
“he citizens in attendance have long-standing records of being in service to our community. The group included owners of businesses that invest heavily in community events, teachers, guidance counselors, health care providers, and a former Chamber president. These are civic-minded people who have invested their careers, their volunteer time and their company profits into a long-term vision for our community. If this particular group of people says Dollar General is not a good fit for that location, city officials would do well to listen. (Full disclosure: I am related to many of the residents of Sutterer Place.) She said “As one attendee pointed out, there is more to consider than just this one exception to a rule. Building a Dollar General store in that location will set the tone for a warehouse-style, bargain-buy commercial district. Is that what we want to create in that particular location? The current comprehensive plan would seem to indicate that we do not. And a reliable committee of citizens supports that plan’s vision. I encourage the Board of Aldermen to vote no on the Dollar General’s Special Use Permit application.”