Board discusses grant proposals


The Perryville Board of Aldermen made several decisions at its latest meeting on Feb. 6.
The board held a public hearing on a Missouri State Park Recreation Trails Program FY2024 Grant to create a paved trail in Viola Blechle Park.
This program is designed to help develop park infrastructure in communities throughout Missouri. The city has been a successful applicant multiple times in the past and this year’s proposed project was first identified in our park’s master plan.
The project’s goal will better connect Viola Blechle to the soccer park and the sidewalk infrastructure running along Bruce Street. Additionally, it will add a perimeter trail around Viola Blechle Park to better serve the neighborhood there and eventually connect to the city-wide greenway that is phased for construction.
The trail will be 1/3 of a mile and start at the shelter next to the park and circle back.
“What’s cool about this is that we have a trail started by the Splash Pad, comes all the way down to the soccer park,” Perryville Parks Director Jim Cadwell said. “From there you can take the trail to Viola Blechle Park. This is really desirable for the state. They like when you connect parks.”
Cadwell said the trail was part of the Park Master Plan in 2016, along with the shelter that has already been added.
“This is something that has been on our radar for several years,” Cadwell said.
The city will match $148,400 for the trail, while the state would put in an additional $200,000.
At this time, there is no plans for additional lighting at the park.
One Perryville resident hoped that the trail would be away from the housing so that strangers won’t walk into people’s backyards.

The board also had a discussion about possible scenarios for Transportation Alternatives Program Grants.
Each of the last several years have included a collaboration with MoDot to extend the City’s greenway along Highway 51. Staff would like to inquire of the Board as to the next phases of the programming.
Some options for the Board to consider include: connecting across Edgemont to Vincentian Way; extending through Highway 61 intersection along Highway 51 to the TG trail; extending sidewalks out North Main; or even connecting Edgemont to Alma Avenue.
Buerck said the first priority will be to connect Vinceentian Way sidewalk to T-Road, the second to connect that sidewalk to Edgemont, then the third would be to connect it to Alma.
He said that all three proposals would still be submitted.
The board amended an ordinance regarding digital billboards. This was discussed with the Board and will eliminate the current prohibition on additional LED billboards (limited to 3 city-wide). Staff wanted to move slowly as this technology developed but are now very comfortable with such signs, finding the light pollution to be less than that of a traditional billboard. As opposed to predetermined, but somewhat random, number limiting billboards, this model will
now let the market decide what the appropriate number is. This approach allows
the City to better embrace new and changing technology as opposed to ensuring
that only the most antiquated and oldest technology for billboard signs (traditional
vinyl billboard with front-lit flood lights) are employed throughout the City.
In the consent agenda, the Board approved a public hearing proposed Fiscal Year 2024-25 City of Perryville Budget at the next meeting Feb. 21.