Board discusses coaches as drivers


The Perry County District #32 Board of Education discussed a pressing issue when it comes to extracurricular activities at its last meeting on May 10. The board revisited a previous topic from last month when it came to having coaches be drivers to sporting events when it was necessary.
“If a driver is willing to drive then they would be paid the same rates that any other driver is for trips,” District Transportation Director Sarah Orf said.
Board member Mark Gremaud did not support head coaches driving a bus to a game they would be involved in later that day.
“If a head coach or an assistant coach is doing their job correctly, then they pretty much have their mind on the game,” he said. “I’m thinking about this from a safety part.”
Perryville Athletic Director Justin Dreyer saw it a different way.
“It’s true that those coaches would be thinking about strategy and everything going on,” Dreyer said. “It’s my belief that once they get behind the wheel, they will make it their first priority, right then and there. A majority of our teams get to the field about one hour before the game to get everything unpacked. I don’t think we would want those types of coaches driving the bus.”
Dreyer said that he has had one head coach ask his assistants to drive because that particular coach would not be able to drive before games.
Dreyer has had to rent vans in the event that buses and drivers were not available. He noted that the soccer team recently had to carpool to a game. Teams have also had to be dropped off several hours before games, because there was not a driver available, that driver then comes back to Perryville to do their route and then return to the sporting event to take the players back home.
“We had the coaches drive and two parents,” Dreyer said. “It’s wonderful that we have parents who are willing to do that, but it’s not the best case scenario.”
Gremaud was also worried about possible discipline issues when transporting teams, but in the case of several sports, Dreyer reassured the board that there are one, if not multiple, coaches riding the buses at the same time. Gremaud, along with member Glendon Sattler felt more comfortable if a coach did not drive their own team, but instead a coach from another sport drove the bus that night.
The board ultimately approved coaches as drivers, but prohibited the head coach from driving his or her own team.
The board approved the purchase of a vehicle for the district’s food transportation.

“We are in dire need,” Food Service Director Debbie Baer said. “Right now, the current vehicle is looking like one from the Flintstones,” she said. “We have cardboard in the back to cover up holes. That’s not safe for delivering food.”
The board approved a 2016 Ecoline van from Ochs Auto Sales.
The board heard information from the Salary Committee about a plan to get teachers coming in on the correct steps when they are hired.
The Board discussed videotaping future meetings, but it was determined that the room in the Old Senior High was not equipped with such technology and that the resulting picture and sound would be poor quality.
Board President Nancy Voelker looked into the topic and it would cost $3,000 for adequate sound and picture.
Several members did not feel the cost validated such a purchase, but they would possibly try with the equipment the school already owns at a future meeting. If the meetings are recorded they would be archived on the school website. Deputy Superintendent Fara Jones noted that the school did a video about the APR scores and the video did just 33 views in several weeks time.
It is the videoing of the meetings and other avenues that the district is looking to be more transparent in its information and provide more opportunity for community engagement with surveys and other things.
“We want to be as transparent as we can with our parents,” Jones said.
The meeting started with the recognition of students including seniors Ethan Blythe and Kyla Schnurbusch who earned basketball honors. Schnurbusch was 1st Team All-Conference and Class 4 District 1 All-District, while Blythe was 2nd Team All-Conference and Class 4 District 1 All-District. Three Career Center students were also recognized for their work in the SkillsUSA competition.
Kaelyn Goehman earned Gold Medal—Graphic Design– Graphic Communication Technical Information– SkillsUSA State Competition; Silver Medal– Graphic Design– Advertising Design– SkillsUSA State Competition; Silver Medal—Graphic Design– Graphic Communications Technical Information– SkillsUSA District Competition; Silver Medal— Graphic Design—Advertising Design– SkillsUSA District Competition
Jonathan Kluender; Gold Medal– Auto Collision– Collision Repair Technical Information- SkillsUSA District Competition; Gold Medal– Auto Collision– Collision Repair Technical Information- SkillsUSA State Competition; 2nd place FFA—Ag Mechanics– FFA Career Development Districts
Taylor Hughes earned Gold Medal– Welding Sculpture– SkillsUSA– State Competition