A recap of voter turnout from Tuesday's municipal election

What precinct had the highest turnout? The lowest?


The precinct in Perry County with the largest turnout Tuesday was Altenburg at 36.56 percent. There were 155 ballots cast among 424 registered voters. Frohna had a decent turnout as well, at 29.17 percent (119 ballots among 408 registered voters).

In Perryville, precinct 3 reported a turnout of 23.2 percent (399 votes among 1,720 registered voters). Combined, precincts 1 and 4 in Perryville had a turnout of 21.19 percent (550 ballots cast among 2,595 registered voters).

The lowest turnout Tuesday was at the Young precinct. There were 45 ballots cast among 648 registered voters (6.94 percent).

A total of 152 absentee ballots were cast prior to Tuesday’s election.