Perry County takes care of its own


The Society of St. Vincent DePaul has launched a capital campaign to fund an expansion of the former Colonnade building at 312 N. Jackson Street into a center that will consolidate all of its operations in one site and be large enough to meet increasing needs.
Andy Graf, President of the Society, stated that all people of Good Will are invited to join together in this community project, since the thrift store truly serves the entire community.
Graf related that he is not a Perry County native and before he moved here, he had heard the expression “Perry County is different – they take care of their own.” He wondered what exactly this meant.
After he became a Perry County resident, he saw how people gathered to support families who had lost a loved one. He was amazed how the community quickly organized and worked tirelessly to assist families affected by the tornado.
He watched organizations, including youth groups, give generously in various service projects. But, he said he really understood the full meaning of this “taking care of their own” when he started to volunteer at the Society of St. Vincent DePaul Thrift Store where the community donate items to the thrift store, volunteers work countless hours to prepare the items for resale, the community purchase the “treasures,” and then the money generated goes back to help neighbors-in-need in the community -- regardless of their status in life, their ethnic background, or their faith. He understood how generous and caring this community really is.
According to Graf, “Perry County is made up of hard-working people, but many are one to two pay checks away from financial disaster whenever a prolonged medical problem or other unforeseen serious emergency arises. Where can one turn for help?
“For over 25 years the Perryville Society, with its 100 plus volunteers, has generated funds through operating the thrift store and then collaborated with other organizations to help neighbors-in-need pay rent, cover utility bills, etc. But, the number of neighbors who are coming to us is increasing and the amount they need to cover essentials is growing as well. We need to sell more clothes, dishes, furniture, etc. To do this, we need more space and increased efficiency.
“Your assistance is needed. Will you, as individuals and community, join together to help fund the expansion of the thrift store? Will you help us to help others? Every gift is greatly appreciated!”

The cost for the entire project is estimated to be $1,500,000.
It will be undertaken in stages and the public will be kept informed of progress. A soft campaign was started last winter and collected almost a third of the dollars needed to make the needed expansion a reality. The Society of SV de Paul is a 501c3 non-profit organization, therefore donations can be used as deductions at tax time. This project has been supported by the Missouri Department of Economic Development’s Neighborhood Assistance Program.
Graf added, “Is this care for others something you would like to see continue in this community? If you would like to be a part of this Perry County tradition of ‘taking care of their own,’ please consider contributing to the Society’s building campaign. In this way, this caring spirit will not only help today, but become a legacy that is passed on to the next generation.”
Ways you can donate to the Society of St Vincent de Paul building fund:
*Make a check payable to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Add ‘building fund’ on memo line. Mail to: Edward Jones, 1308 Brenda Ave, Ste A, Perryville , MO 63775
*Donations will be accepted at the SV de Paul Thrift Store at 123 W. North Street
*To transfer stocks, mutual funds, minimum IRA distributions, and other securities -- contact Andy Graf at 573-517-3347 to receive information.
* If you have a business, a farm, or rental property, you may wish to participate in the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP). If you donate ‘X’ amount to the Society of SV de Paul building fund, 70% of the donation is DEDUCTED from your state taxes. In most instances, businesses also get a 10% deduction from their federal taxes. Therefore, a $10,000 donation to the building fund really only costs the donor about $2,000. (Consult your tax accountant.)
* Naming opportunities: The new thrift store will contain a statue of St. Vincent de Paul. A $5,000 donation gives the donor the opportunity to place a memorial plaque on the wall behind the statue.