Letter to the Editor: Values Matter


Dear Editor,
A hot south wind blows at the crossroads, a wind so heavy with a dim dark heat  it begs the question, where should we go from here?
Christians are at a pivotal time in world history,  all Christians have a unique perspective as to where we stand against the forces that come disguised in pretty bows wrapped around golden packages that promise equality and affirmation for all, but when unwrapped shock us with the gift of false hope that was promised us all ,a man made, not God made Utopia!
Christ is our true Salvation from High to low from free to bond, Peace be with us elevates our hope that God truly conquers all sin.
We must be involved, God did not place us here to die , but to live, to be his body on earth! 
We must as Christians engage in our community, we can no longer sit at home as the forces of secular ideas talk about lofty soaring words of “Freedom” for all with enslavement in their Hearts.

Digital currency, Critical Race Theory, Equity where rights for all are not enough but they demand your adoration and fanatic support of everything that flies in the face of your faith!
Christians it’s time to get intimately involved in your community! Social Issues, Politics, Charity, Local Boards! 
Your values matter!
If not you? who? If not now when?

With all Respect 
Keith Carroll