Letter to the Editor: US. Senator


Dear Editor,
The upcoming election on the 8th of November between Eric Schmitt and Trudy Busch Valentine will decide who goes to Washington,D.C. in January as Missouri's next senator. A recent polling survey shows Eric Schmitt winning.
Mr. Schmitt's victory could be doomed, a victim of the collateral damage caused by five men and a woman serving on the U.S Supreme Court. In Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, they decided a woman in America no longer has a Constitutional right to an abortion.
For almost 50 years, since the 1973 Roe v. Wade Court decision, women had that right. States now control the woman1s body by deciding her reproductive rights. Is it just as matter of time before some States legislate that its women must give birth three times before the age of 30?
Five men and a woman have had their voices heard. November's election ·will give other voices a chance to speak out. If women across the Show-Me state swarm ballot boxes the way ants converge on a broken jar of honey, Senator-elect Trudy Busch Valentine it will be.

Jim Maloney


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