Letter to the Editor: Our Hospital


Dear Editor
For 70 years, our hospital has provided healthcare to us and our neighboring communities. Why has it been losing ratings in recent years.? It seems like a lack of interest and experience, is creating our problems.
So why can’t we have more experienced, more qualified person to take the reigns of our hospital?
We have managed, offered healthcare, and thrived all these years.
We are a small town community that sticks together. We can survive without a conglomerate.
Ste. Genevieve is a small community hospital, and it has the leadership to sustain itself. It fought off Mercy. PCMH could stay in our hands if we had the opportunity to analyze the problem, instead of handing it over to Mercy.
Mercy could make major change to our property and could cause an increase in our taxes. Some people are not thinking of all the consequences of us handing over the reins to Mercy.

Sandy Vinson