Letter to the Editor: Come out to vote


Dear Editor,
Teachers and student families will have a big decision to make April 4, 2023 during our hometown municipal election. Long time school board members have presided over our current school ranking in Missouri. It is honestly hard to find any glimpse of Perryville Pride in the information below.
According to the Show Me Institute Moschoolrankings.org rates Perry County School District 32 401 out of 516 .
400 schools rank higher than our school in virtually all categories. Our current longstanding board has presided over this concerning achievement or lack thereof.
Please vote for new ideas and new candidates this April.
Your school, your voice , your choice! Excellence in education should be the standard, if your goal is not to be ranked number one in our State then you have likely let your community down and you need to find more inspiration in your work and step aside and let others remedy what you have made ill.

With all respect,
Keith Carroll