Letter to the Editor: 911 Dispatch


Dear Editor
911 What’s your Emergency?
Let me see if I have “most “ of the angles covered in the Battle to Keep 9-11 service specifically Local to Perry County. 
Where many people seem to fall!
1. I WANT TO: Keep 911 service and personnel local to maximize effectiveness thru the retained and combined knowledge of our current first responders supported by a Local Sales tax!
2.I WANT TO: Export our 911 Services to St.Francois county to gain improvements in technology and cost savings!
3. I WANT: No Tax increase no matter what, stay or go!
4.I WANT: Budget cuts so 9-11 can stay!
5. I WANT TO: Be left alone, I am apathetic, unconnected and I want others to decide for me. DO NOT mess with my Netflix, Tik-Tok or Grub Hub! Basically I am a knit wit!
It’s my hope that our first responders are fully funded at all times! 
With All Respect,
Keith A Carroll