City planning additional Perry Park Center updates


Earlier this month, the Perryville Board of Aldermen agreed to enter an agreement with Strickland Engineering for electrical updates at the Perry Park Center.
City administrator Brent Buerck said given the small cost difference between refurbishing and new equipment, staff recommended proceeding with full replacement.
Mayor Ken Baer asked if the electrical improvements amounted to an increase in capacity or an upgrade.
It’s more of an upgrade rather than a change in capacity.
“There’s just no replacement parts for what is there,” said Parks and Recreation Director Jim Cadwell.
In this scenario, it could be weeks or months for replacement parts to arrive and an issue can get fixed, according to Brent Buerck.
The original electrical panel has reached the end of its useful life, according to Brent Buerck.
“Guys, how long’s this gonna last, this electrical system?” asked aldermen Curt Buerck.
Forty years is the expected time the new improvements would last, according to an engineering report, said Brent Buerck.
In addition to the agreement for electrical design, the board also approved hiring Dille Pollard Architecture to assist in consulting for roof repairs. A meeting with a project engineer was scheduled for later this week. The work is estimated to cost about $110,000 and could start toward the end of summer.
The board approved an ordinance to amend guidelines for event parking and emergency or disaster parking. City attorney Tom Ludwig and Police Chief Direk Hunt gave approval.
“It is staff’s hope a little structure (on parking) will help eliminate parking conflicts prior to and during events,” said Brent Buerck in his notes on this topic.
The board also accepted the first reading of a quit claim deed from the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission regarding two tracts of land along Highway AC.
Brent Buerck said the parcel in question is an “uneconomic remnant” from work done by the Missouri Department of Transportation along Perryville Boulevard (Highway 51).
Cadwell said the parks and recreation staff is planning to order a bounce house, which will be available for people to rent.
“We’re getting ready to order that, and we’re developing a plan on how we’re going to use that, for birthday parties and other special events,” Cadwell said.
Also has part of his report, Cadwell said staff recently completed a tree inspection, which was a requirement for a state grant.
Toward the conclusion of the meeting, alderman Curt Buerck said he was notified a couple of catalytic converters taken from SMPS vehicles and encouraged the police to check the area more often.
“Keep an eye on that,” Buerck said. “I thought it was lit up good enough to where nobody would crawl underneath there but man catalytic converters, they’re a lot of money right now.”
Hudson requested a police presence be added at the intersection of Zeno and Zita streets.
“Ask one of the officers to sit over on Zita Street, by Zeno Street there, back far enough where the kids that come down the hill in trucks and head toward Edgemont (Boulevard) can’t see ‘em,” Hudson said. “They won’t need to worry about radar.”
Hudson recommended the police check the area closer to noon when several students leave the St. Vincent campus to head to the Perryville Area Career Center.
The Board of Aldermen adopted the ninth edition of its street policy in a 5-0 vote April 20.
An eighth edition had been approved in February, but public comment, especially from residents oppopsed to the installation of sidewalks on Parkview, prompted further revisions.
“The Board of Aldermen wanted to be more involved in that process,” Brent Buerck said. Sidewalk installation will now be looked at on a case-by-case basis, starting at the committee level.
Those serving on the city’s recently created sidewalk committee are aldermen Tom Guth, Doug Martin and Prince Hudson.
The aldermen approved entering a contract with Southeast Regional Planning and Economic Development Commission in regard to a sidewalk Americans with Disabilities Act self-assessment.
Economic development
Economic Development Authority director Scott Sattler said Wisper internet is making improvements in rural portions of the county.
“They got some federal monies, and are starting to put out wireless internet,”
Service towers will be used on Highway F and Cape Gireadeau County Road 501, which is south of Perry County Road 532 and east of I-55.
“With this internet, it’s line of sight,” Sattler said. “Wherever the tower is, your satellite has to be able to see it. If there are trees involved (that can limit coverage).
You’ll see signs around the county. It is an an effort (to provide coverage)
The top speed of the service is estimated at 100 mphs and several options are available.”
Baer asked about the service’s coverage area.
Sattler responded that it will likely be in the Biehle, Longtown and Old Appleton areas. “It does not go to Frohna, yet, (but) that’s a future project,” Sattler said.
“They are just getting started,” Brent Buerck said.
Next meeting
The next Board of Aldermen meeting will take place Tuesday, May 4, at 6:30 p.m.


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