Board tables June 1 plat decision


As part of its consent agenda June 1, the Perryville Board of Aldermen were to take action on a preliminary plat from JKDS Properties LLC for Steven’s Crossing.
Ultimately, the board tabled the matter, and will discuss it again at its June 15 meeting.
Jay Kirn, in cooperation with the late Doug Schreiner, was developing property on Stevens Street.
“I kinda want to protect the people I’ve already sold to even though I don’t have to,” Kirn said. “It just makes sense to get that (road) through, and Brenda (Avenue), I don’t know how it was set up 25 years ago, but now to put that street through, to get commercial (property) through there, I don’t think it’s the best idea.
“The people that live back there that are here tonight, they like that back there, it’s peaceful, it’s a dead end, that’s what we’re trying to do. Hopefully, we can come up with some resolution where everybody is happy.”
The city of Perryville’s Planning & Zoning Commission recommended approval of a preliminary plat, prepared by Bear Engineering, for duplexes to be constructed on six lots at its most recent meeting May 26.
Dave Richardet, owner of property near Brenda Avenue, was one of several individuals to speak on the matter.
“We’re all for development back there,” he said. “We’d love to see Matt and Jamie (Lauck) get their duplexes back there. I do agree with Jay, they do a real good job with what they have. They would be beautiful back there with what they’re wanting to do. Ourselves, we’d like to see Brenda Avenue go on through for the future of the city, and the right things for the city, and also for future development back there.”
Rich DeWilde, the developer of commercial property on Brenda Avenue, now referred to as the Professional Plaza, also addressed the Board.
“At the time, when we talked to the city, we were going to adjoin Brenda Avenue with another lateral street,” DeWilde said. “At that time it was Montenot or Moulton or whatever they were going to call it at the time. The purpose of all of that was to give access, rather than people having to go straight from Brenda Avenue on to the bypass, which we know can be very dangerous. We were going to have a back entrance for people to come in.”
DeWilde said they sought multiple entryways from Highway 51.
“The Richardets have been good neighbors, and their idea of development back there has been really, really well but it’s going to be important to have some sort of access,” DeWilde said. “By shutting off Brenda Avenue, that makes everything go straight to Edgemont (Boulevard) or Big Spring Boulevard possibly or Alma Drive. I think this gives them another route when it comes to that. We are for the development. We embrace it. We are happy to see that these guys are thinking about doing something, that part of it doesn’t bother us whatsoever.”
DeWilde was surprised there was not prior notice to nearby homeowners ahead of the May 26 Planning & Zoning commission meeting.
“We thought possibly we would have some notification so that if we opposed it or at least had some viewpoints that we could have stated,” DeWilde said.
However, no advance notice was provided, according to DeWilde.
Alderman Curt Buerck raised a similar concern.
“Why is it some people got letters and some didn’t? (It) sounds to me like you’re not mailing them all out,” Buerck said.
“The city complains (about) not having lots, for one, to build on and actually the cost of building, so we’re going to lose out on two lots there,” said Matt Lauck. “I get it.”
Residents in that area don’t want more traffic, Lauck said.
“I never understood why we can’t get commercial and residential separated,” Lauck said. “…All I’m asking for, there are other ways to develop. Nothing against anybody’s point of view. I was suggesting Brenda Avenue doesn’t have to dead end.” The street could go toward Buchheit, parallel to Highway 51, Lauck said.
“We’ve got different point of views from 20 years ago,” he said. “That’s just our thoughts. We liked the idea that we could buy it, put in seven nice duplexes and start getting more money and more places for older people to sell their houses to younger people and the older people can move into new duplexes.”
Beulah Schweigert spoke favorably of the neighborhood, as it is not very noisy and provides opportunities to walk along the street.
“One of the reasons we bought there was because of less traffic, and we do a lot of walking,” she said. “There are no sidewalks, so we have to walk on the street. We just love it there, because it is quiet there and have gotten to know many of the neighbors. We don’t want to go back to a big house. We love where we live.”
Chris Schemel, one of the 10 individuals on the Planning & Zoning Commission, was in attendance at Tuesday’s meeting. He explained the reason why not all property owners were given prior notice.
Attorney Tom Ludwig confirmed this.
“You only give notice on certain types of matters,” Ludwig said, a point later repeated by the mayor. “This particular type of matter was not something that would not go out in notices, and that’s why it didn’t happen, because it’s not in your ordinance book.”
City clerk Tracy Prost said legal notice was given in the newspaper.
For possible re-zoning requests and special use permits, property owners in a specified area need notification, said Perryville mayor Ken Baer.
Steve Richardet of Columbia was in attendance June 1, representing his siblings and their property.
“I understand Mr. Lauck’s concern about pulling out on (Highway) 51 and some of the safety issues, but if you don’t make a through street, you’re going force everybody there to get out only one way on (Highway) 51. I think in the spirit of safety, that end should be looked at also,” Richardet said.
“Addressing the housing needs of residents of Perryville is absolutely important,” Steve Richardet noted.
A new or modified arrangement would need to go before the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission.
“My recommendation would be once you have your resolution, call (Perryville) City Hall, talk to the city administrator so that the city is aware of what you’re doing, and then it will go before the appropriate place, probably P & Z,” Ludwig said.
“I think getting this right is more important than the time,” Ward 1 alderman Tom Guth said.
The next Board of Aldermen meeting will be held Tuesday, June 15, at 6:30 p.m.
The 10-person Planning & Zoning Commission is chaired by Ron Courtois. The next meeting will be Wednesday, June 30, at 6:30 p.m. Alderman Doug Martin serves as a liaison to the Planning & Zoning Commission for the Board of Aldermen but was not in attendance at the May meeting.
The Steven’s Crossing 2nd Addition plat numbers the six undeveloped lots as nine through 14, according to the survey conducted by Baer Engineering. At least one lot would be likely be lost if Brenda Avenue is connected to Steven Street.
“I know you want through traffic, but is this the place to have through traffic?” Lauck asked.
Anything built will be designed for older residents, Lauck noted.
Delaying a decision gives more time for discussion, according to Perryville city administrator Brent Buerck.
“The board tabled it to allow time for the parties to come up with an agreeable solution for all, if possible,” Buerck said. “They wanted to delay their decision to allow this process to take place.
Earlier this week, Brent Buerck noted that while much of the area is not developed, there are portions of property west of Edgemont and south of Edgemont and east of Highway 51 that are part of the city’s major street plan, which looks at major “arterial” and “collector” roads.
While the specific streets of Brenda Avenue and Steven Street are not on the city’s major street plan, Buerck noted that “the connector from Alma to Edgemont does show up.”
A proposed road on the plan, most recently revised in 2011 by the Southeast Missouri Regional Planning Commission, has “Moulton Street” connecting Edgemont and Alma.
Buerck said an update to the city’s major street plan and comprehensive plan will be completed in the next 12 to 18 months.


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