New trash cans installed on Square


There have been some changes made to the Perryville Downtown Square. New and improved trashcans were installed on Thursday. It was something that Perryville Public Works Director Jeff Layton said was sorely needed.
“We did it for several reasons,” Layton said. “The previous ones were old, broken and some of the wood was rotted out. These cans are bigger and they are a standard size so that we can use our trash trucks to dump them. These new carts are more suited for what we need.”
The Perryville Public Works Department fabricated the cans themselves and it came out to about half the price as they could have bought them.”
“We had the means to do that and it has saved the city a lot of money,” Layton said.
There are a total of 18 trash cans made and that number is three more than were previously available.
“We still have a few more to install,” Layton said. “Some of the carts are actually on grass and need a platform. We have ordered a concrete platform for those around the courthouse that are on grass. Everywhere we used to have one will have a new one, with a few extra.”
Along with looking newer and being bigger, the carts will have a cover to protect the cans and trash from the natural elements.
“The cover will keep rain out of the carts, along with some birds,” Layton said. “They like to pick some of the trash up, and the wind can’t blow them around.”
Layton wasn’t quite sure how long it had been since the cans were changed out around the square, but he believes that the carts will last for at least 10 years.
These will last for a very long time,” Layton said. “These are powder coated and they shouldn’t require a whole bunch of maintenance.”


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