Tribe Talk: St. Vincent students take issues on air


Podcasts have been on the rise as a part of consumable media for some time now.
Listeners to such things can now add a local spin to podcasts. A group of five students in Heather Baskin’s publications class has taken it upon themselves to put together a podcast titled Tribe Talk.
Sean Harold, Evan DeWilde, Shawn Koishor, Owen Light, and Blake Bohnert put this newfound media to the test.
“It’s just something different, and something cool that we could do,” St. Vincent senior Sean Harold said. “I listened to a lot of podcasts myself over the summer.”
While all five boys are in one sport or the other, and many topics may stray off to that side of the conversation, the guys try to talk about as many different topics as possible from the St. Vincent/Hayti football game, to deer hunting and even snow days.
“We try to talk about as many things as we can that are big at school,” Light said.
“We can write about these things in as many articles as you want, but to be able to put them out there as a podcast, kind of links the students to us because they can hear what we have to say. and we get to show our personality.
Even before that it has given the students a way to interact with each other.
“It’s cool that we are all friends and get to hang out and talk about stuff,” Koishor said.
The microphones and equipment were donated by TG Missouri.
The podcasts range in length anywhere from 8-15 minutes and it takes some getting used to talking into a microphone as well as keeping up a cadence.
“The thing is that you don’t want any of those awkward pauses,” DeWilde said. “So you just have to keep talking. Sometimes we have to do it over to make sure everything is just right, and how we want it.”
There have been a total of three podcasts so far, and even the faculty at St. Vincent is going into the act of listening as St. Vincent golf coach Tom Prost as even lent his ear to the podcast.
“It’s different,” Prost said. “I think it really gets the kids out of the box of writing and into a new space/ I’m always interested to hear what they have to say.
Some people like Light have even heard some positive feedback from students and those on the football team.
“We were giving back our pads the other night and there were some guys that said they really enjoyed it. I really didn’t think it would go this far,” Light said.
“I don’t really know where I thought it would go, but I wasn’t sure people would like listening to us.”


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